Tech Tips (legacy)

We've gone to the vault and are reposting our tech-tips for older PHI / Perkin-Elmer high-vacuum spectroscopy systems.

Legacy Tech Tips

04-161 Pin-outs
04-303 Ion Source Theory, Operation and Alignment
04-500/548 X-Ray Source Filament Test
10-155 Electron Source Detail
10-155 Filament Change Procedure
11-065 28 V Supply Check
11-065 Raster Size Modification
11-065 Remote Meter (Pressure) Application Note
11-155 Power Supply
11-500A AES Energy Calibration
11-500A and 20-805 Analog AES Input Test Procedure
18-085 Analog Error Amp Board Adjustments:
25-120A Filament Housing Cleaning Procedure
25-120A Low Signal/Noise Problems
20-150/20-250 Modifications and the RBD147 Interface Units
20-622 Steering Voltage Adjustment Procedure.
25-270 Analyzer Filament Procedure
32-100 Multiplier Drop Out
32-100 Supply Pin-outs
32-150 Digital AES Analyzer Control Calibration Procedure
545 Up-to-air and Pumpdown Procedure
590 Analyzer Filament Replacement Procedure
600/660 Objective Coil Replacement Procedure
AES Calibration when using a 20-805 Analyzer Control
Argon and Oxygen Bottle Replacement for PHI Systems
Card Rack Power Supply PM Check
CMA conical ceramics
DIG III Set-point Bypass Jumper
Duoplasmatron Rebuild Procedure
High- and Low-Voltage Extender Cards
Imaging on a PHI 600 or 660 System
Ion Beam Induced Low Energy Electrons
Ion Gauge Filament Replacement Procedure
Ion Source Alignment
Ion Pump Rejuvenation Procedure
LaB6 Filament Burn-in Procedure
Model 78 Sample Bias Box Replacement Batteries
Nitrogen Venting for PHI Systems
PHI X-ray Source Bake-Out Tips
SCA Power Supply Equivalent Circuit
TCP040 Connections
V/F PreAmp Test Procedure