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9103 USB Picoammeter

A rugged, portable, affordable, and programmable picoammeter with optional bias and 5 kV isolation

Now available with High-speed and High-voltage options!

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9103 Picoammeter

Rugged, portable, affordable, and ASCII programmable, RBD's 9103 USB Picoammeter measures bi-polar DC current from picoamps to milliamps. It can be biased with an optional built-in fixed +90V DC bias, or your own low-noise DC power supply.

Data Logging and graphing software is included for Microsoft Windows. The 9103 is compatible w/ OSx, Linux, Matlab, and LabView, and can be controlled via a simple ASCII interface.

The 9103 works well in noisy environments. It was designed for measuring electron and ion beams as well as diode and IC I/V characterization. The 9103 is multi-channel capable - up to 127 can be synchronized

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The 9103 is Now Available in Four Configurations:

  • Standard: sample rate 40 reads/second
  • High-speed: sample rate 500 reads/second
  • High-voltage: sample rate 40 reads/second, floats up to 5 kV DC *
  • High-speed / High-Voltage: sample rate 500 reads/second, floats up to 5 kV DC *

Two Bias Options are available on the Standard and High-speed Models:

  • +90 V Fixed
  • External: BNC bias input

* High-voltage supply provided by user.
* Bias options not available with high-voltage version.

Datasheet / Specifications


9103 Actuel Application


  • Electron & ion current measurements
  • Photodiode current & dark current measurements
    (up to 127 devices at the same time.)
  • Beam and particle monitoring
  • Data logging current comparisons
  • Leakage current testing
  • Mass spectrometer current measurements
  • Materials resistance testing
  • Direct measurement of electron multiplier output (with HV option)
  • High resistance measurement (with HV option)


  • Accurate Current Measurement:
    Ranges 2 nA to 2 mA, .001 nA to 2.499 mA
  • Programmability: ASCII command interface for user-defined testing and automation as well as integration with third-party instrumentation software
  • Auto or Manual Range: automatic or manual range selection
  • Interval or Single Sampling: take samples of current at timed intervals ranging from 25 ms to 9999 ms per point
  • Automatic Input Grounding (prevents specimen stage from charging on electron microscopes and vacuum spectrometers)
  • Optional Bias Use your own isolated voltage source to measure current vs. voltage, or a fixed +90 V bias
  • Optional 5 kV DC Isolation
  • Optional high-speed sampling (500 reads/sec.)

Application Notes


Actuel Data Logging and Graphing Application

Actuel is RBD’s 9103 control and data acquisition application. Actuel provides the interface to RBD’s new 9103 Picoammeter, including a control and display medium for the Picoammeter. It also includes an interface that provides data sampling and recording (data logging). In addition, the software provides a console for accessing advanced features of the Picoammeter, including calibration and diagnostics.

The latest version of Actuel is available here.


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