Water Vapor Desorption Products

Pump Down Faster

UVC-based and IR-based water vapor desorption / oxidative hydrocarbon removal systems for vacuum chambers.

RBD's vacuum chamber water vapor removal products include high-power, high temperature IR radiant bakeout emitters, and low-power, low temperature UVC emitters.

Using UV light to desorb water vapor is ideal for chambers that have Viton O-ring seals, which pump down in the range of the low 10-6 to low 10-7 Torr. Benefits include faster pump down times and a lower ultimate vacuum. UVC is also used to break down hydrocarbons.

Our VB-Series of IR-based water desorption system provide faster bakeout times in vacuum chambers that can take the heat of high-power infrared radiation.

For more information on water vapor and its effects on vacuum chambers, please see this collection of articles (compiled by Normandale Community College) by the late Phil Danielson (formally of The Vacuum Lab).


VB Series

VB Series

The VB Series of vacuum bakeout packages are designed for vacuum chambers that can take the high heat of shortwave IR. High-power infrared radiation heats the vacuum chamber from the inside out to effectively desorb water vapor from vacuum chambers.

The VB-1 operates on 120 VAC, and the VB-2 is available for 230 VAC.

The IRB-600 IR Emitter and BC-3 Bakeout Controller can be purchased separately.


The BC-3 Bakeout Controller provides total control of your desorption of water vacuum chamber bakeout process. The power to the heat source is variable and thermocouple feedback is used to regulate the temperature of the vacuum chamber.


The IRB-600 Infrared Emitter Assembly provides 600 watts of shortwave infrared heating to the inside of vacuum chambers to effectively remove water vapor from the chamber walls.




UVB-100 Chamber


The UVB-100 uses UVC radiation for the desorption of water vapor without heat.

Flange Mounting Options
The UVB-100 comes standard with 2.75 CF or NW40 (K150) KF mount.
Other flange mounts are available on request.





The miniZ is ideal for solving water vapor problems in compact vacuum chambers such as the Kimball Physics Multi-CF line of spherical chambers, mini ALD chambers, pressure cells and load locks.

Remote Control Options

The miniZ power supply is simple to use – just turn it on! A remote ON/OFF option is available if you want to operate the miniZ by a process controller or set point.


Demo Units Available

Demo units are available for some of our water vapor desorption products Please read this FAQ for additional information.