mini Z Water Vapor Desorption /

Oxidative Hydrocarbon Removal System

The mini Z is the latest addition to the RBD Instruments line of water vapor desorption / oxidative hydrocarbon removal systems. This water vapor desorption system comprises a high power UVC emitter that fits inside a standard 1.5" I.D. vacuum chamber tube and a compact power supply which mounts directly to the 2.75" CF flange.

The miniZ is ideal for solving water vapor problems in compact vacuum chambers such as the Kimball Physics Multi-CF line of spherical chambers, mini ALD chambers, pressure cells and load locks.

185nm UVC radiation provides the correct wavelength of energy to desorb water vapor molecules from the chamber walls and results in faster chamber pump down times and lower ultimate vacuum.

The mini Z power supply is simple to use – just turn it on when you start pumping! A remote ON/OFF option is available if you want to operate the mini Z by a process controller or set point.

Simple, effective and affordable the mini Z is the perfect solution to water vapor problems in compact vacuum chambers.

Produces 350 uW/cm2 @ 6cm from end of emitter (2.75" flange)

Available in 2.75"and 4.5" CF flange sizes.

For more information on water vapor and it's effects on vacuum chambers, please see this collection of articles (compiled by Normandale Community College) by the late Phil Danielson (formally of The Vacuum Lab).

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