PHI Ultra-High Vacuum Parts

UHV parts and consumables for many older PHI / PerkinElmer Auger, XPS, and SIMS systems.

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  • Copper gaskets for 1.33" OD to 10" OD flanges
  • 12.995" Copper wire TNBX gasket
  • XPS 10-360 hemisphere, 10-410/420 monochromator, LS bonnet gaskets
  • 122-0150 rebuild kit for high vacuum apparatus
  • 2.75" Indium Torrvac / Innotec gate valve gasket
  • Viton gate & copper bonnet seal kit
  • Innotec gate valve gasket kit (V1 on older PHI systems)
  • Indium gasket and Viton O-ring torrvac


Sample Intro Parts

  • Sample Intro Seal Set (for intros 15-720, 04-725, old-style 04-725)
  • Drive Chain (for intro 15-720)
  • Threaded brass insert (for intro 15-720
  • Sample intro spacer set (for intro 04-725 and old-style 04-725
  • Cu/Be intro switch clip (for intro 04-725)


Sample Mounts

  • Model 190 flat (new and refurbished)
  • Model 191 recessed
  • Sample clips Cu/Be



Phosphor Screens

  • 1.0" x 1.0" phosphor target, UHV compatible


Vacuum Chamber Lights

Ion Gauges and Filaments

  • Dual tungsten filament (for DIG III)
  • Dual iridium filament set
  • Ion gauges (dual tungsten / iridium)
  • Thermocouple gauge tubes
  • Bayard Alpert glass ionization gauges (thoria coated iridium / twin tungsten)
  • Twin tungsten / iridium Filaments for nude Bayard Alpert gauges
  • An Alcatel Helium leak detector replacement filament


Ion Pump Elements and TSPs

  • Ceramic Insulators used with ion pump elements. Ion Pump Rebuild Procedure
  • TSP filaments
  • Ion pump element and strap kit
  • TSP Assembly (with exchange, includes 4 new filaments


Sputter Rate Calibration Standards

Part Number Description
SIO2CAL-230-100mRE 230Å SiO2 calibration standards, - 4 inch (100 mm) wafers
SIO2CAL-230-13mRE 230Å SiO2 calibration standards - approximately .5 inch (13 mm) square pieces
SIOCALRE 1000Å SiO2 calibration standards - rrregular shapes .75 x .5 inch . We use a thermal gas-phase oxidation process that ensures accuracy within a few angstroms. Both sides of the wafer pieces have the oxide. Sold in packs of 2.
TA2O5RE 1000Å Tantalum calibration standards -75 x .50 inch, double sided


Miscellaneous Vacuum Parts

  • V1 Gate Valve 600, and 660 (Not recommended for 590 and 560 systems)