PHI Refurbished Systems and Components

Refurbished PHI / PerkinElmer Auger and XPS Systems and Replacement Components and Controllers.

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Refurbished & Used Systems XPS and AES (Auger) Systems

All refurbished systems include installation, training and a one-year warranty. Our AugerScan and AugerMap software products run on the latest Windows operating system (currently Windows 10) and are compatible with CasaXPS data massage and presentation software.

Currently, all of our refurbished systems have been sold. Please contact RBD to be notified when a system becomes available.

Sample System: PHI 5600 XPS Photoelectron Spectrometer with Monochrometer / Warranty

The monochromator provides better energy resolution than the standard x-ray source. This system is ideal for a university lab environment where system up-time is important for publications.

Includes installation, training and a one-year warranty. Static SIMS or Scanning AES options are available.

5600 XPS System



Refurbished and Used Optics Components

Specimen Handling

  • PHI 04-800 Catalytic Reactor



  • 15-255G double pass CMA (XPS/AES) - rebuilt to original specifications
    (one year warranty)
  • 10-210 Electron Gun


Sputter Ion Guns

  • Varian leak vavle repair kit - 0061061800
  • PHI 10-410 monochromator w/o x-ray source (one year warranty)
  • 04-300 ion source - works for parts
  • 04-192 5kV backfill ion source (one year warranty)
  • 04-161 2kV backfill ion source (one year warranty)


Other (Optics, Turbo Pumps, RGAs)

  • 04-202 SED detector (One Year Warranty)
  • 04-202 SED detector and Model 97 SED preamplifier (one year warranty)
  • Granville Philips 275071 Convectron gauge tubes - new and used




Refurbished and Used Electronic Components

Analyzer Controls

  • 11-020 LEED Control
  • 11-500A AES Analyzer Control
  • 2-150 Digital AES Control (One Year Warranty)


Electron Multiplier Supplies

  • 32-100 Electron Multiplier Supply (One Year Warranty)



  • Model 97 SED Preamp (one year warranty)



  • Perkin Elmer Ion Pump Controller
  • TSP Controller


Electron Gun Controls

  • 11-010 Electron gun control used with PHI 10-155 and 15-255 CMAs (90-Day Warranty)


Ion Gun Controls

  • 20-045 2kV ion gun controller for PHI 04-161 or 04-162 ion gun
  • 11-065 Ion Gun Control Only (one year warranty)
  • 20-540 Cesium source control for PHI 6300 or 660 SIMS system((one yeear warranty


Scanning Controls

  • 20-070 Scanning Control for PHI 545 or 560 system (90-Day warranty)


Other Electronics

  • PHI PC257 interface card
  • PHI PC258 interface card