PHI Refurbished Components

Refurbished PHI / PerkinElmer Auger and XPS Replacement Components and Controllers.

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5600 XPS System

Available Fall 2024: PHI 5600 XPS System

If you are looking for a refurbished PHI 5600 XPS system, one that is in Europe will become available this fall. This system has a standard dual anode 15 kV X-ray source as well as a monochromatic X-ray source.

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Refurbished and Used Optics Components

Specimen Handling

  • PHI 04-800 Catalytic Reactor - Sold


Sputter Ion Sources



Refurbished and Used Electronic Components

Analyzer Controls

  • 11-500A AES Analyzer Control - Sold
  • 32-150 Digital AES Control (One Year Warranty)
  • 72-150 Digital AES Control (One Year Warranty)


Electron Multiplier Supplies

  • 32-100 Electron Multiplier Supply (One Year Warranty)



  • Model 97 SED Preamp (one year warranty) Sold
  • Model 96A / 96B V/F preamp (one year warranty)



  • Perkin Elmer DIGITEL Ion Pump Controller
  • Perkin Elmer Boostivac Ion Pump Controller


Electron Source Controls

  • 11-010 Electron source control used with PHI 10-155 and 15-255 CMAs (90-Day Warranty)


Ion Source Controls

  • 20-045 2kV ion source controller for PHI 04-161 or 04-162 ion source
  • 11-065 Ion Source Control Only (one year warranty)


Scanning Controls

  • 20-070 Scanning Control for PHI 545 or 560 system (90-Day warranty) - Sold