microCMA Compact Auger Analyzer

An affordable, surface-sensitive analytical tool that will fit on your existing vacuum chamber

For Auger Electron Spectroscopy and Thin Film Analysis

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Simple to operate and easy to maintain, the microCMA provides a complete quantitative surface sensitive elemental Auger Electron (AES) analyzer package that mounts on a 2.75”/ 70 mm CF flange.

For elemental analysis, the microCMA is much more affordable than a standalone XPS system.

The complete AES system includes the cylindrical mirror analyzer (with integrated coaxial electron gun), a USB interface controller, and Windows acquisition and data-massage software. It's Auger analysis made easy!

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The microCMA is an Auger Spectroscopy cylindrical mirror analyzer designed for the many applications for Auger analysis that do not require AES mapping capability
Those applications include analysis of:

  • Thin film elemental composition
  • Sample cleanliness
  • Metal component thermal oxides
  • Quantization of light element surface films

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  • Compact: Fits on a 2.75" / 70 mm CF flange (min. 1.52" / 38.6 mm I.D. tube). It is now possible to build an Auger Spectroscopy system with just a T and a small ion pump!
  • Proven Design: The second order focusing of the Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer provides both good transmission and resolution.
  • Easy to Use:The USB control and data-massage Auger software interface is simple to use and makes Auger analysis easy.
  • Powerful: Auger Spectroscopy (AES) is a powerful surface sensitive technique that provides you with quantitative information on the first few monolayers of your sample.


Kimball Physics Chamber

Kimball Physics Chamber with microCMA, miniZ, and IG2



  • The small diameter of the microCMA allows it to fit on existing deposition or analytical chambers.
  • Because the microCMA is based on the classic cylindrical mirror analyzer design, it has a similar signal-to-noise when compared with larger CMAs. Basically, the microCMA collects the same electrons as larger CMAs do; it just collects the electrons closer to the sample.
  • Integrated 3 kV electron gun simplifies the CMA-to-sample alignment.
  • Electron gun has automated features such as warm up and conditioning.
  • The microCMA is perfect for elemental surface analysis of thin films and for checking the cleanliness of samples
  • The CMapp Auger software provides total control of acquisition parameters and then quantifies the data post-acquisition.


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cylindrical mirror analyzer

Mechanical Specifications and Customizations

Customs lengths are available. Contact us for more information.
microCMA Dimensions Form
microCMA Dimensions Form (print version)



  • The end-of-optics to sample distance is 4 mm.
  • Since the microCMA is so small, the co-axial built-in electron gun is limited to 3 kV.



Download Windows drivers and the CMapp application for the microCMA below.

microCMA Drivers
Unplug the microCMA USB interface before downloading, then plug back in for updates to take effect.

microCMA CMapp Application.
Uninstall any previous versions of CMapp before installing the latest version.


Sample Data

microCMA Sample Survey Data


Installation and Operation Manual

microCMA Manual