Sputter Ion Gun Products

RBD Instruments provides a wide range of sputter ion guns used for sample cleaning, depth profiling and implantation. No matter what the application, RBD provides the highest performance at the lowest price. Contact us for a no-obligation quotation.


For more information about RBD's ion source packages, see the Ion Gun Comparison Matrix.

Sputter Rate Standards are also available from RBD.


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IG2 2kV Backfill Ion Gun Package (Source and Control)

RBD Instruments' low cost sputter ion source IG2 Ion Source Package is the ideal solution for sputter cleaning of samples under UHV conditions. The IG2 Ion Source Package consists of the Model 04-165 2 kV Backfill Ion Source and the Model 32-165 Ion Source Control. These units are interchangeable with the PHI 04-161 and 04-162 ion guns and the PHI 20-045 control, respectively.



3 kV Ion Gun Package (Source and Control)

RBD is now providing a 3 kV ion source sputter package that comprises an electron discharge source, power supply, and cable. Designed to operate as low as 100 eV, the 3 kV ion source provides a large 10 mm spot size and is compatible with all inert gasses and does not require differential pumping.

The package includes ion source, electronic control unit, sample current meter, cabling, operating manual and a spare filament assembly.


3KV sputter ion source

High-Performance Ion Guns and Controllers

The Model 1401 Ion Gun is ideal for use in surface chemistry experiments such as sample preparation and depth profiling with Auger and XPS. It can be used with most inert gasses.


The Model 1402 Ion Gun features high beam currents at very low beam energies. It also may be operated at high beam energies (up to 3 keV) to provide additional depth profiling and sample cleaning capability



The Model 1407 Ion Gun features Duoplasmatron performance in an electron impact ionization ion gun. By means of changeable apertures in the optics column, a wide range of beam currents and spot sizes may be obtained. At a beam energy of 5 keV, beam current may be adjusted from 2 uA into a 20 um diameter spot to 20 uA into a 100 um diameter spot.







Refurbished Ion Guns and Controllers

RBD sells a variety of ion guns and controllers from PHI® and other manufacturers.