IRB-600 Infrared Emitter Assembly

The power of infrared heating inside your vacuum chamber

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IRB-600 Infrared Emitter Assembly

The IRB-600 Infrared Emitter Assembly provides 600 watts of shortwave infrared heating to the inside of vacuum chambers to effectively remove water vapor from the chamber walls.

When used with the BC-3 Bakeout Controller, the IRB-600 is temperature-regulated and vacuum-interlocked. If your vacuum chamber uses ion pumps, the pumps can become choked with water vapor. The Vacuum Interlock feature prevents ion pump choking by turning off the heaters when the vacuum set point, typically 2 x 10E-6 Torr, is reached.


  • 600 watts of heating power in a compact form factor
  • 2.75” / 70mm CF or 40 KF flange mounting options
  • Flange-to-center of emitter length can be customized so that the emitter fits in the center of the vacuum chamber
  • Hot Surface Safety signs included with each emitter
  • Can be controlled with the BC-3 Bakeout Controller or a Variac


Mechnical Specifications

Assembly Drawings (pdf and SOLIDWORKS®)