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Effective September 19th, 2017, RBD Instruments will stop using as our custom relationship management software. As a result, the existing RBD customer portal will no longer be available and so you will not be able to access to any existing Case Comments or attachments. RBD will save a backup of Case Comments for future reference, but anything you have uploaded (documents, graphics, etc.) will not be backed up.
Please download the data that you want to have for future reference no later than September 18th, 2017.


To initiate a Technical Support ticket:

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If the Free Technical Help information below does not help to solve your problem, then you may need paid technical support.  Through the use of our technical support database, emails, phone calls, and TeamViewer, our engineers will be able to help you or your qualified electronics technician isolate the problem to the unit or board level and often even to the component level.

Our technical support depends on the experience level of your technician.  Since there is high voltage present on many of the boards inside of the electronic units, we can only help troubleshoot to the level that your technician is trained to work with safely.

If we are unable to isolate and resolve the problem with technical support, then your electronics or optics unit may need to be sent to RBD for depot repair. Or depending on the complexity of the problem, an on-site field visit may be required. We offer loaner units to get your system back up while your unit is being repaired at our facility.

RBD Instruments provides Technical Support Credits billable in one minute increments. Contact us for current prices.


Free Technical Help

The RBD TechSpot blog is a valuable resource for surface analysis systems repair and operation. Once there click on the Index link to see all of the posts in alphabetical order.

Technical Tips provide useful information in a variety of areas.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The customer portal that RBD Instruments has been providing for the last 10 years will be discontinued as of September 1st of this year. We recently implemented a new method of tracking inquiries that will make it easier for you to contact us for service- and sales-related requests via e-mail. Because there will be no portal for attaching documents, it will be up to you to keep any information that has been sent to you.


The existing case portal and all related comments and attachments will cease to exist on September 1st 2017. If you want to keep any of that information, you have until the end of August of 2017 to download the information.


We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and hope that this notification will give you plenty of time to backup any information from the existing RBD customer portal.

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