System and PC/Software Upgrades & Updates


RBD offers software solutions to upgrade your older Physical Electronics X-ray photoelectron or Auger spectrometer surface analysis system to the latest Microsoft Windows® operating system. Products include AugerScan (acquisition and data analysis), and AugerMap (elemental mapping for scanning Auger systems).

CasaXPSIn addition, RBD is the USA distributor for the CasaXPS data processing software used by all major surface analysis instrumentation manufacturers.


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System Upgrades

RBD has developed upgrades for many PHI systems. We have a provided a system upgrade cross-reference table that provides the information you need to determine which system upgrade is right for you.




Data Acquisition & Massage Software

AugerScan is RBD Instruments' Acquisition and Data Manipulation software for older PHI Auger, XPS and SIMS systems.

AugerScan 3


AugerScan 3 Datasheet

AugerScan 3.2.0 Demo

Data processing option: CasaXPS

Current Release

AugerScan 3.3.1 

AES Elemental Maps, Line Scans, & Point Acquisition Software

AugerMap is RBD Instruments' Scanning Control and Elemental Mapping Software for PHI Scanning Auger systems.

AugerMap 2  AugerMap 2


AugerMap 2 Datasheet

AugerMap 2.2.0 Demo


Current Release

AugerMap 2.3


Running AugerScan and AugerMap on Windows Version 7 and Up


Both AugerScan and AugerMap must be run with administrator privileges in any version of Windows after XP. Please follow these instructions for running these applications with admin privileges.

Note: If you are a standard user, please contact your IT department / system administrator for appropriate credentials.

Drivers and Supplemental Files


RBD147 PC Interface Drivers

PCI Drivers Windows 7 and up (32 / 64-bit)

PCI Drivers (Windows XP)

PCIe Drivers (Windows 7 and up, 32 and 64 bit)


Windows Help Files

AugerScan and AugerMap use the legacy Windows Help system.

For Windows Vista through 8.1 please download the update for your version of windows here (scroll down to "Resolution").

For Windows 10, we've provided HTML versions of the original Help documentation for both AugerScan and AugerMap.
Download and unzip to a convenient folder, and open "index.html" to view in your browser.


PCIe Interface

RBD PCIe interface card works with new PCs that have a full height or low profile PCIe slot. If you are getting a new PC for your PHI x-ray photoelectron or Auger electron spectrometer, this interface card will fit into your new PC.

PCIe Drivers (Windows 7 and up, 32 and 64 bit)



PCMAPII Interface Card & Dual Monitor Option

The PCMAPII Interface Card is the latest development for imaging and elemental mapping for PHI 590, 595, 600 and 610 Scanning Auger Systems. Incorporating the PCMAPII card will give your system a whole new level of capabilities.

The Dual Monitor Option allows for use of two computer monitors on a single PC. The Dual Monitor Option is also available as a stand-alone product for any system.