On-Site Field Service Repair PHI / Physical Electronics

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RBD Instruments systems specialists can provide a variety of services for the X-ray photoelectron or Auger spectroscopy surface analysis systems at your facility, including:

  • On-site repair of electronics and optics
  • System refurbishment
  • System calibration
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Training on system operation and basic maintenance procedures
  • System moves - across the hall or across the country

Contact us for estimates and scheduling.

Regular Field Service

When field service is scheduled more than 21 days in advance, the following rates apply:

On-site Labor $325.00 per hour
Travel Time Fixed rate based on your geographical location. See RBD Travel Zones for specific rates.
Per Diem $280.00 per day for lodging, food, and expenses related to automobile rental.  $350.00 per day for high expense areas of the country such as the SF Bay area, NYC, DC, LA and similar cities.
Airfare Estimated at time of quote   Actual airfare may be higher when the on-site trip is scheduled after a PO has been received.
Parts Actual costs for any parts used during field service visit. Estimate is provided at time of quote. Actual total costs determined upon completion of work.