Handheld UV-C Meter


The RBD hand held UV meter is an economical and accurate way to measure UV-C radiation. It is ideally suited as a safety tool to test for UV-C that may be passing though viewports in vacuum systems that have an internal source of UV-C, such as our UVB-100 water vapor desorbing emitter.

RBD's UV-C meter is accurate, and includes an integrated sensor and LCD readout.


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Parameter Specification
Accuracy +/- 10% NIST Referenced
Bandwidth 246 - 262nM
Conversion rate 2.5 readings per second
Dimensions 4.2 X 2.4 X .9 inches
Display 3.5 Digit LCD
Power source 9 V DC battery
Weight 4.5 oz including the battery



UVB-100 Chamber