RBD & Physical Electronics / PHI Optics Replacement Parts

RBD Instruments provides replacement parts and consumables for many of the PHI / Physical Electronics X-ray photolectron and Auger spectrometer optics units and vacuum hardware at great prices.

RBD is purchasing used 04-548 Anodes - please contact us for trade-in credit.

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Electron Gun Filaments

Model Description RBD Part #
C75-010 Alignment of refurbished C75-010 Tungsten filament in wehnelt cap with exchange. C75010ALNRF
C75-010 filament in Whenelt cap
Alignment of Tungsten filament used in 10-155, 15-255G, 15-110, 25-260 and 25-270 C75010ALNRP
C75-010 electron source filament
Refurbished Tungsten filament used with 10-150, 10-155, 15-110, and 15-255G analyzers. Exchange price.

NEW Tungsten Filament (Non Exchange)

04-090/04-085 Tungsten filament used in 04-090 and 04-085
Note that this is a rebuild service, an exchange filament is required
LaB6 cathode for 25-120, 25-120A (595) analyzer. Exchange price. LAB6595RE
LaB6 cathode for 25-120, 25-120A (600 or 660) analyzer. Exchange price. LAB6600RE
LaB6 cathode for 25-110 (590) analyzer. Exchange price. LAB6590RE
LaB6 cathode for 25-110A, 25-130 (610) analyzer. Exchange price. LAB6610RE


Sputter Ion Source Parts

Model Description RBD Part #
D71-029 Tungsten filament used in 04-161/162 2kV Ion Gun 04161FPR
extractor grid
Screen, Extractor Cap
Ionizer grid for self install for RBD IG2 04-165, PHI 04-161, PHI 04-162, PHI 04-191, PHI 04-192 Ion Guns
04-161 ion source filament

Dual Filament Kit for 04-165 Ion Source (IG2)
Includes: 1- Filament Assembly (includes 2 filaments); 3- Ceramic washers; 3" Nickel wire; 1- Hex tool
04-165 Dual filament Yttrium coated Iridium FI-04-165-I/Y
04-165 Ceramic Kit; Includes: (1) each Anode Insulators: Top, Bottom, V2, & Base; (2) Main; (3) Washers; (9) Spacers 04165CSPR
04-165 IG2 Ionizer Assembly complete 04165IAPR
981-2044 Tungsten filament used in RBD 04-172 & Varian 981-2043 3kV Ion Gun 04172FRE
B75025 Tungsten filament used in 04-191/192 5kV Ion Gun 04191FRE
614423 04-300 ionizer assembly rebuild (w/ exchange) - OBSOLETE 04300RERP
04-303 grid
04-303 Grid for self-install 04303GRDRE
04-303 ionizer
04-303 ionizer assembly repair
04-303 ionizer assembly rebuild w/exchange


Customer's ionizer is subject to inspection by RBD Instruments before it can qualify as an exchange.

Ionizer Replacement Procedure Video
06-350 06-350 ionizer assembly rebuild (w/exchange) 06350RERP


Heat Exchanger Deionizer Parts

Model Description RBD Part #
603569 Deionizer Cartridge (12) 603569RE
620913 Particle Filter (1mm, 10) 620913RE
620914 Deionizer Cartridge (10) 620914RE
PA311 Water Pump for 16-020 and 16-050 Chiller, Stainless Steel, 100 gph, 170 psi
Replaces Procon type pump
N/A Flow Switch (1.5gpm )120VAC FLOWSWITCHRE
N/A Voltage Converter Kit for 120VAC Flow Switch to 220VAC FSCKRE
N/A Crydom Relay for 16-050 and 16-020 CRYDRE


X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy / Model 04-500, 04-548 X-ray Source Parts

See these RBD Techspot blog posts for the disassembly and reassembly procedures

Model Description RBD Part #
04-500 anode 15kV dual anode recoating service, exchange
Customer's anode is subject to inspection by RBD Instruments before it can qualify as an exchange.

04-548 anode 15kV dual anode recoating service, exchange
Customer's anode is subject to inspection by RBD Instruments before it can qualify as an exchange.

602229 x-ray source football ceramic
Slotted Silver Specimen XPS Small Spot Alignment Standard 612236RE
602229 x-ray source football ceramic
04-500/548 Football ceramic 602229PR
04-548 x-ray source filament old style
Old style 04-500/548 Filament (no exchange) 04-5XXOLDPR
602504 X-ray source retainer ring 602504RE
PHI x-ray source window
Al x-ray source window 602508PR
Aluminum beryllium X-ray source window
Al/Be X-Ray Source Window- Aluminum/Berrilium 607910-BRE
606468 X-ray source collimator 606468RE
PHI x-ray source filament new style 622275
New style 04-500/548 Filament



Installation Video
PHI x-ray source resistor
Fixed Resistor, 1K ohm, 15kv RS-FRS-MG745-1.00-1%
teflon tubing for x-ray source
5/16 Teflon tubing for x-ray source TUB-TEF-1/4
notched ceramic
04-500/548 Notched ceramic XRSNCPR
XRHVCBLRE X-Ray Source High Voltage Cable XRHVCBLRE
XRHVCBLRF X-Ray Source High Voltage Cable (Refurbished) XRHVCBLRF
XRHVCBLRP X-Ray Source High Voltage Cable (Repair) XRHVCBLRP
x-ray source high voltage connector
X-Ray Source High Voltage Connector CON-XRHVRE



Electron Multipliers

Model Description RBD Part #
602914 Channeltron used 2with 15-255, 25-120, 25-120A, 25-255, 25-260, and 25-270 CMAs, and 06-600 SIMS 4831GRE
608144 Channeltron used with 10-360 SCD detector 4821GRE
609206 Channel Plates used with 10-360 PSD detector 10360PSDRE
616530 Channeltron used with 10-150 and 10-155 CMAs 4839RE
619091 Channel Plates used with 10-360 MCD detector 10360MCDIGRE
61525X Channeltron used with 15-110 and 25-110 CMAs 4731GRE

Gas Bottles and Refills


RBD Instruments provides a re-fill service for Argon and Oxygen 25cc and 50cc gas bottles used on PHI 04-3030 and 06-350 ion sources.  Our refill service costs a small fraction of what a new bottle costs.  Why not refill your empty gas bottle and also save some money at the same time?




Important: When returning an empty bottle to RBD to be refilled, the valve must be left in the open position. If the valve isn't left open, fees and penalties may be incurred. Any and all such fees will be charged back to the company that shipped the bottle to RBD.

International Customers: 25cc bottles cannot be shipped to locations outside of the USA. If you have a 25cc bottle you would like to refill, you may send it to RBD for a credit towards the purchase of a 50cc bottle.

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Gas bottle replacement procedure


RBD Part # Description Comments
Argon25RP 25cc Argon gas bottle Refill Grade: 99.999+%
Oxygen25RP 25cc Oxygen bottle Refill Grade: 99.999+%
Xenon25RP 25cc Xenon bottle Refill Grade: 99.999+%
Bottle25ccRE 25cc Bottle w/ O2 or Ar
1.0" diameter, 6.2" long
Call for Availability
Larger bottles than those listed here Call for details n/a


Miscellaneous Optics Parts

Model Description RBD Part #
UTI 100C

UTI 100C filament

Filament set used in the UTI 100C RGA UTIFILPR
04-085 neutralizer ceramic
04-085 Neutralizer Ceramic 615838PR
N/A USB Camera for System Microscope (can be used with existing PHI system microscope) SYSMCRE
N/A System Microscope with lenses and mounting hardware SYSMICRE
C79104X Dynode for 660 C79104XRE
606289 600/660 Objective Coil 606289RE
04-303 (cable) 04-303 HV Cable (replacement) 04303CableRE
Bristol wrenches and screwdrivers
TOL-Allen-3/16RE 3/16" Allen Wrench for 2.75" Flange Bolts TOL-Allen-3/16RE
TOL-BIT-48-4x4RE Bristol Screwdriver Replacement Bit, 48-4, 4" Long TOL-BIT-48-4x4RE
TOL-Bristol-48-4RE Bristol Screwdriver, 48-4 w/Std 3" Bit; for Filament Set Screws) TOL-Bristol-48-4RE
TOL-LKey-6RE 6-Spline L-Key for X-Ray Cap & Ion Gauge Filament TOL-LKey-6RE
TOL-XRay-KitRE Kit includes: X-Ray Source Tool Kit:(1) 6-Spline L-Key; (1) 48-4 Bristol Wrench; (1) 3/16" Allen Wrench; (1) 48-4 Replacement Bit TOL-XRay-KitRE