RBD & Physical Electronics / PHI Electronic Replacement Parts

RBD Instruments provides replacement parts and consumables for most of the PHI / Physical Electronics X-ray photoelectron and Auger spectrometer electronic units and other vacuum hardware at great prices.

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Batteries and Power Supplies

Model Description RBD Part #
DIG III (battery)
DIG III Set Point Battery BA3.6RE
N/A 28V Power Supply for 11-065 28VPSRE
N/A 45V Battery for Bias Box and 9103 Picoammeter BAT-45-213



Model Description RBD Part #
04-303 (cable) 04-303/11-065 HV Cable (replacement) 11065HVPR
DIG (cable) DGCIV Bakeable Ion Gauge Cable (12 ft) DGCIVCableBRE
DIG (cable) DGCIV Non-Bakeable Ion Gauge Cable (10ft) DGCIVCableRE


DAC Replacements

Model Description RBD Part #
9331-16-6 9331 DAC Replacement 9331166PR
HDH 1205 1205 DAC Replacement DAC1205RE


Switches and Relays

Model Description RBD Part #
330-120V-180 18-030 Time Delay Relay 473-036RE
602988 32-095 HV Switch 602988RE
E-Switch - Switch Rotary SP-4 Pos. non-Short KC57B10RE
kilovac relay used on the 80-360 and 72-150 analyzer controls. H-4-S10RE
273055 20-085 Beam Voltage Switch 273055RE


Transformers and High Voltage

Model Description RBD Part #
275056 20-115 Deflection Transformer 275056RE
278016 T2 Transformer for 11-065 278016RE
602817 T2 Transformer for 11-010 602817RE
n/a 18-085 Filament Current Module - Out of Stock 18085FMRE
n/a 18-085 HV Module 18085HVMRE


Miscellaneous Electronic Parts

Model Description RBD Part #
TIL-109 Optoisolators TIL109RE
GE 8068 tube
GE Vacuum Tube GE8068RE
9103 Fuse
Replacement fuse for 9103 Picoammeter
Very fast acting, 0.05A .25x.35", Plug-In
CM85 bulb
Lamp, 28v,CM85 for EMO Shutoff Box on PHI Systems 612655RE
S5933QE AMCC PCI Bridge S5933QERE
MTR-PNL-20-045 Emission meter, 20-045 front panel MTRPNL20045RE