High-Performance Ion Source Packages


RBD now provides three high-performance ion source packages - the 1401, 1402 and 1407.


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1401 Ion Gun and Controller

The Model 1401 Ion Gun is ideal for use in surface chemistry experiments such as sample preparation and depth profiling with Auger and XPS. It can be used with most inert gasses.

With a beam current of 20 A into a 0.4mm diameter spot at a working distance of 25 mm, the gun can deliver 10 times the current density of other commonly available ion guns. Select spot sizes down to 50 m at a beam current of 1A from the front panel. Beam energy is variable from 5 eV to 5 kV while maintaining best focus at the sample. Beam current is adjustable independent of beam voltage over a wide range and is measurable from the front panel without external equipment.

1401 Specification Sheet



1402 Low Energy Ion Gun and Controller

The Model 1402 Ion Gun features high beam currents at very low beam energies. It also may be operated at high beam energies (up to 3 keV) to provide additional depth profiling and sample cleaning capability. Likely applications would include charge compensation, ion scattering, and studies of ion/solid interactions.

Ion generation is by means of electron impact ionization with dual filaments for long source life without having to break system vacuum. The filaments are located off axis to prevent line of sight deposition of the filament material onto the sample.

1402 Specification Sheet



1407 High Sputter Rate Ion Gun and Controller

The Model 1407 Ion Gun features Duoplasmatron performance in an electron impact ionization ion gun. By means of changeable apertures in the optics column, a wide range of beam currents and spot sizes may be obtained. At a beam energy of 5 keV, beam current may be adjusted from 2 uA into a 20 um diameter spot to 20 uA into a 100 um diameter spot.

The optics column includes an integral Faraday cup for beam current measurement

1407 Specification Sheet