IRB Vacuum Chamber Bake Out System

Bake out without heating tape or blankets - for systems that can take the heat of shortwave IR.

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The IRB vacuum chamber bake out system comprises a CF flange-mounted IR quartz lamp and a control which provides power to the lamp. It can be used in place of heater tapes and ovens on high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum chambers.

The IR lamps are extremely efficient and provide short wave IR which heats the chamber walls that are in a direct line of sight with the lamp. However, heat will also radiate along the chamber walls as well, often resulting in an effective bake out of the vacuum chamber without the need for heating tape or bake out blankets.

For more information on water vapor and it's effects on vacuum chambers, please see this collection of articles (compiled by Normandale Community College) by the late Phil Danielson (formally of The Vacuum Lab).



3kV IRB System


For surface analysis systems such as X-ray photoelectron and Auger spectrometers, the IRB provides an easy way to bake the system out without the need to remove all the cables to the optics and covering the chamber with the bake out blanket. Not only does the IRB simplify the bake out process, but by not needing to remove all of the cables and X-ray source covers for a blanket bake out the need for realignment of the analyzer focal point and microscope are eliminated – saving you hours of time.