Refurbished & Used Physical Electronics / PHI Optics Components

RBD Instruments sells refurbished PHI optics components, as well as other used optics.
Our current inventory is listed below.

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Specimen Handling

RBD P/N Model Description
04800RF PHI Model 04-800 Catalytic Reactor
The 04-800 is used to heat samples up to 600 degrees C at pressures up to 760 Torr. This package includes the 04-800 reactor, the 20-020 heater control and the 20-100 Thermocouple control


Sputter Ion Guns

RBD P/N Model Description
VLV-KIT Varian leak valve repair kit Varian leak vavle repair kit - 0061061800
10-410RF 10-410 monochromator PHI 10-410 monochromator - Does not include x-ray source (One Year Warranty)

Improve the energy resolution on your exisitng PHI 5000 series XPS system.

10-410 manual and specifications
04300RF 04-300 ion source Works for parts
04192RF 04-192 ion source 5kV backfill ion source (One year warranty)
04161RF 04-161 ion source 2kV backfill ion source (One year warranty)



RBD P/N Model Description
15-255G double pass CMA used for ESCA (XPS) and AES - rebuilt to original specifications

(One Year Warranty)
10210RF 10-210
10-210 Electron Gun


X-ray Sources and X-ray Generator Packages

RBD P/N Model Description
04548PKGRF 04-548 15 kV dual anode XPS Subsystem. Includes 04-548 source, electronics, water chiller and cables.



Other (Optics, Turbo Pumps, RGAs)

RBD P/N Model Description
FIG1130RF FIG-1130


04202RF 04-202 04-202 SED detector (One Year Warranty)
04202PKGRF 04-202 & 97 SED 04-202 SED detector and Model 97 SED preamplifier
(One Year Warranty)
GP275-071RE 275071
Convectron gauge tube
Granville Philips 275071 Convectron gauge tubes

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