Refurbished & Used Physical Electronics / PHI Electronic Components

RBD Instruments sells refurbished PHI electronic components, as well as other used electronics.
Our current inventory is listed below.

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Analyzer Controls

RBD P/N Model Description
11020RF 11-020 LEED Control
11-500RF 11-500A AES Analyzer Control
32150RF 32-150 Digital AES Control (One Year Warranty)


Electron Gun Controls

RBD P/N Model Description
11-010RF 11-010 11-010 Electron gun control used with PHI 10-155 and 15-255 CMAs
(90-Day Warranty)


Electron Multiplier Supplies

RBD P/N Model Description
32100RF 32-100
32-100 electron multiplier supply
Electron Multiplier Supply (One Year Warranty)


Ion Gun Controls

RBD P/N Model Description
11-067RF 11-067 4kV ion gun control for 04-300 ion gun   SOLD
20-045 RF 20-045 2kV ion gun controller for PHI 04-161 or 04-162 ion gun
Ion Gun Control Only (One Year Warranty)
20540RF 20-540
Cesium source control for PHI 6300 or 660 SIMS system - two available
(One Yeear Warranty



RBD P/N Model Description
97RF 97 Model 97 SED Preamp (One Year Warranty)


Scanning Controls

RBD P/N Model Description
20070RF 20-070 Scanning Control for PHI 545 or 560 system (90-Day Warranty)



RBD P/N Model Description
IPCRF Perkin Elmer IPC
IPC ion pump control
Perkin Elmer Ion Pump Controller

TSP Controller


Other Electronics

RBD P/N Model Description
PC257 257 PHI PC257 interface card
PC258 258 PHI PC258 interface card