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Operations Electronics

11-065 Raster Size Modification

11-065 Remote Meter

11-065 28 Volt Supply Test

11-155 Test

11-500A AES Calibration

18-085 Adjustments

20-150/20-250 Modifications

20-622 Steering Adjustments

20-805 AES Calibration

32-100 Multiplier Drop-out

32-100 Pinouts

32-150 AES Calibration Procedure

Analog Input Voltage Test

PreAmp Test Procedure

SCA Power Equivalent Circuite

IRQ Conflict

What do my Card Rack Extender Boards Look Like?

Card Rack Power Supply Test

Corrupted Shortcuts


Optics Vacuum

10-155 Filament Change Procedure

25-120A Filament Housing Cleaning Procedure

04-500/548 X-Ray Source Filament Test

25-120 Signal-to-Noise Problem

600 and 660 Objective Coil Replacement

Proper X-Ray Source Bake-Out

Lab6 Burn-in Procedure

CMA Termination Ceramics

Replacement Bias Box Battery

Ion Gun Alignment

Duoplasmatron Rebuild Procedure

590 Analyzer Filament Replacement

04-161 Ion Gun Detail

10-155 Analyzer Electron Gun Detail

11-500 AES Energy Calibration

Argon and Oxygen Bottle Replacement Procedure

Proper Nitrogen Venting

Ion Gauge Replacement Procedure

Ion Pump Rejuvenation

TCP 040 Pin Outs

545 up To Air Procedure