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RBD microCMA Compact Auger Analyzer RBD XPS and AES Systems RBD 9103 USB Picoammeter RBD UV Source Packages

Water Vapor Desorption

UVB-100 · mini Z · IRB

Remove water vapor from a vacuum chamber w/o heat using UVC or with heat using IR


microCMA Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer

Affordable Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Ultraviolet Photolectron Sources

Systems including optional differential pump, focus collimator

Thermo Riko High-temperature Infrared Heaters

Signal Measurement

9103 USB Picoammeter

Accurately measure electron and ion current

uLIA-320 USB Lock-in Amplifier

Accurately measure voltage signals in a noisy environment

Ion Gauge

Vacuum Components & Expendables

Copper Gaskets · Ion Gauge Filaments ·
TC Gauges · Magnetic Load Locks ·
Vacuum Chamber Lights

A wide variety of vacuum products at low prices

IG2 Ion Gun

Sputtering Ion Gun Sources

IG2 (2 kV)
3 kV Large Area · High-Performance

Affordable sputter ion source packages

Refurbished Physical Electronics

XPS AES Surface Analysis Systems
Upgrades · CasaXPS

Rebuilt systems meet original specifications and include a one year warranty

Optics · Electronics

Wide selection of affordable, warrantied refurbished equipment

PHI Maintenance Services

Technical Support · Repair · Field Service

Repair and service of optics, electronics; system maintenance, scheduled and emergancy field service

PHI Components

Electronics · Optics · Vacuum Related

Replacement parts for older PHI / Physical Electronics / Perkin Elmer surface analysis systems